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A low interest rate debt consolidation loan could change the course of your life – for the better. Wouldn’t it be nice not having to juggle multiple bills or creditor calls? With Keel Associates, we offer you relief from that with one monthly payment which will be almost 50% less than what you are currently paying. And how about an interest rate in the single digits?

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One monthly payment
Interest rate to the single digits
Cut your payments in half

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Following your current payment plan, you will pay total interest of
to your current banking institution before paying off your debt.

Keel Associates RATE

With Keel Associates, you will pay total interest of

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Jolliet, IL
In late 2013 my son had ACL surgery from an injury he had playing soccer. I assumed our insurance would cover these expenses. I was wrong. Our insurance barely covered his hospital stay. My husband and I decided to pay it all on our credit cards. Paying it off obliterated our savings, and we weren’t even halfway done. The interest ate up all the payments we made. We were overwhelmed. Keel Associates understood the position we were in and helped. They were kind and empathic. We are on our way out of this mess, and our son is back on the soccer field. Thank you, Keel Associates.
San Jose, CA
When I lost my job, I panicked – I had no emergency savings, or anything put away. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay my bills. I started down the road to bankruptcy. When I received the mail offer from Keel Associates, I was so grateful. I knew this was the answer I needed. They helped me understand my debt and worked to figure out a plan I could afford without having to go into bankruptcy. I cannot imagine where I would be now without Keel Associates.

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